Ladies in London Launch – June 2014

Waldorf Hilton

With a new name and face, in June 2014 we launched Ladies in London…and what better place to do it than in the stunning Waldorf Hotel.

It was an absolute dream all made possible by the generous sponsorship from Westpac. Chris Bannister, CEO at Westpac, opened the evening by welcoming over 120 members to the oversubscribed event. We admired his bravery being the only man in the room and we were touched by his kind words about what he believes Ladies in London makes possible for its members.

We then welcomed speaker, author and generally amazing powerhouse, Vanessa Vallely of We Are The City. Sharing her journey and struggles of making it in the City, it made unbelievably empowering and thought provoking listening.

Next we heard from Heidi Reidel?, Director of the Woman’s Trust. Always keen to be a force for good when connecting women, we supported their critical charity and raised over £800 (which Barclays matched) we excitedly presented to them knowing it allows them to continue the life changing work they do. Heidi vulnerably shared her experience of domestic violence and gave some valuable advice and insights to our members.

The evening was a perfect way to launch, welcoming old and new members alike, and what fun we had!

“Networking is one of the most important tools. Meet people, even if you can’t see an immediate need for your business. You never know when that person’s name is going to come up, so spend a lot of time networking with the right peer group. Keep those relationships warm, don’t be transactional, keep in touch even if it’s not a close contact. If it’s a peripheral contact, keep in touch every six months. Drop them an email saying. ‘I thought of you’, that sort of thing. That is massively important.

Vanessa Vallely