Meet the member – Natalie McCarthy

How did you come about LiL and what does it mean to you?

Before LiL, there was a women’s network called Ruby UK; an extension of Westpac’s Australian based, The Ruby Connection. The wonderful women who are now on the LiL board and I connected there. LiL for me is a dynamic yet welcoming women’s network, which is of huge benefit to me both professionally and personally.

What have you been up to in the past year?
2016 was the most momentous and life changing year for me yet, with births, deaths and interesting politics. Most significantly however, my beautiful boy, Braxton was born.

How does it feel, coming back into the workplace – as a mum, as a professional, as a natural networker and LiL member?
I am equally thrilled and freaking out about returning to work. Thrilled because my professional life is a slice of pie just for me, not my husband nor my baby, where I am successful, productive and capable.

Freaking out because I am going to miss my little boy, our daily walks, games and chats. Having said that, I get the feeling that the thought of returning to work is plaguing me more than what the reality will be. Once I am back at work full time, I know we will find a rhythm that works for us.

What advice would you give to people changing careers, coming back after a break?
Do what feels right for you and like anything, push yourself.

What advice would you hit someone over the head if they gave it?
Most advice comes from a good place and can be accepted or rejected as you see fit. It’s when people push and press their opinion that makes it overbearing.

Who should we listen to…. Famous or other?
Winston Churchill, so many brilliant quotes, including this one; Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Who should we block out?
Those who are negative.

My passion/obsession/ guilty pleasure:
Bubbles with friends, walks with my son and table tennis with anyone willing and able.

How I became interested in working in International migration: Being lucky enough to have lived and worked all over the world, I feel well qualified to support people making the move themselves. It’s a pleasure, really to be involved in one of the happiest and most significant decisions a person is likely to make.

Tube etiquette – Door runner or platform idler? 
Door runner – I don’t have time to idle


LiL events are always engaging, easy to attend (never stuffy) and time worthy. The women who  attend are brilliant to speak with and most importantly, there is always great wine!!

Natalie - Ladies in London member and Super-mum
  • Favourite holiday destination

    The Maldives

  • Car Karaoke Song

    Simply the Best, Tina Turner

  • Favourite London spot

    Barefoot Bowling in Peckham Rye on a sunny Sunday

  • Dream speaker at a LiL event

    Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, Angela Merkel, Lisa Vanderpump, Stevie Nicks, HRH Duchess of Cambridge, Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres, Serena Williams

  • Current obsession

    Eighties Music. Interior design for my new home; shutters, herringbone and stone counter tops!!