Join Challenge 24 and fund an hour of cancer research

Between now and Easter, we’ll be testing our willpower and going that extra mile for a cause that’s close to many of our Ladies’ hearts by taking part in Challenge 24 – a new wellbeing campaign for Worldwide Cancer Research. It was so inspiring to see the power of Rachael’s 60 Postcards at our last LiL event and what could be achieved in memory of a loved one lost to cancer. And this month, we’d love to see what we can do together by supporting Challenge 24 to fund ground-breaking cancer research by the hour.

All you need to do is to set your own goal. You can either get out there and run, cycle or swim 24 miles and donate for every mile travelled. Or – if you’d rather test yourself another way – you can give something up. Rather than having that double chocolate brownie or lunch-hour BLT, say no and pledge what you save to Worldwide Cancer Research. Just do it 24 times to complete Challenge 24.  By the time Lent is up, you’ll be donating £24 and funding an hour of research. That’s powerful; especially knowing that another hour could lead to a breakthrough that will one day save a life.

For starters, Team South Australia at the High Commission will be giving up the take-away coffees for 24 days… that’s a lot of hours of research banked and a fair amount of time sampling home-brew caffeine hits. We’d love it if you and your network could get involved, and you can follow the action with @ladiesinlondon and #challenge24 . Visit our Challenge 24 donation page here: